What will it cost?

We are able to act on your behalf by using a variety of different funding methods depending upon the strength of your case and the type of claim we are pursuing upon your behalf.  We will discuss your particular case and options and agree with you the best way / method before we undertake any work upon your behalf.  We can offer a range of solutions dependant upon your circumstances as follows –

  1. 100% Compensation
  2. No win – no fee
  3. Damages based agreements
  4. Insured
  5. Private paying

Please be aware of the following because people are being misled by their insurers and by other firms into either believing that that they have no choice or that 100% is the best route –

  • we can act in all cases; even when you have insurance.  Your insurer cannot restrict your choice, it is protected in law and you can still use the benefit of the protection that your insurance provides.
  • it will not affect your no claims bonus
  • many firms will offer you a 100% compensation guarantee but will not pursue the case if its denied or defended.  We will pursue the case to the end if we take it on

We really are your best option



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