What can I claim?

Otherwise known as loss of out of pocket expenses, this means basically anything you can put a figure on.  This includes losses you have already incurred as well as losses that are expected in the future.  Examples are as follows -

  • Loss of Earnings - you can claim for any earnings you would have otherwise have earned, including loss of overtime and bonuses.
  • Treatment - the costs of treatment in both the past and future are covered
  • Travel - often there are lots of hospital and doctors visits - these are all claimed
  • Care and Assistance - the help that people give you during your convalescence has a value and is a valid area of claim for compensation.  Such care can often be substantial
  • Prescriptions and Painkillers - these soon add up and can be claimed for both those already incurred and those that are expected in the future
  • Miscellaneous Items - these include damaged items, items purchased to help with your recovery etc

We are expert in dealing with all types of special damages and have many years of experience.  We will advise you of what can be claimed legitimately.

If you are successful in a personal injury claim you will be awarded compensation representing pain and suffering.  This amount will be dependent upon the type of injury and the extent of your suffering.  The court will base this award of money upon your medical evidence and supporting witness evidence.  Awards for differing injuries vary greatly but examples are as below -

  • Whiplash and other neck injuries -
  • Lower back injuries -
  • Injuries to the hand or hands -
  • Leg injuries -
  • Arm injuries -
  • Eyes -

The calculation of what your award should be is extremely specialised and can only properly be done when we have a comprehensive medical report.  This is one of the main reasons as to why you should trust us to deal with your claim; we are experts in assessing and advising about the amount you are entitled to.  We all too often see clients handled by other solicitors, insurance companies and claims management companies who have been under compensated - often by a large margin - and the client is totally unaware.

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