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Clients often wonder whether they should claim and particularly whether they have a chance.  We have huge experience in all types of accident claims.

Below have set out recent cases we have started (anonymised of course to protect confidentiality) so that you can be reassured that you are not wasting your time and that its worth pursuing.  If you have any doubt at all then contact us – its free – there is no obligation to proceed and we can properly advise you, so that you fully understand your choices.

Who Is In Control

Who Is In Control

Mr S worked for a scaffolding company. He was sent to dismantle a specialist type of scaffold known as birdcage. Basically the building is erected around the outside of the scaffold including the roof. This means at the end of construction the scaffold is completely enclosed.

The only way of reaching the  working platform is from below which means lifting a board.

When Mr S did this a building block left on the platform fell and hit him on the head.

We put the claim to the main contractor, who blamed another contractor, who blamed another contractor and so on…everybody agreed the block should not have been left there, but said it wasn’t them who had. The reality was that it was impossible to work out who had.

Under the contract for hire the main contractor was overall responsible for the scaffold so the claim continued to court against them. Eventually they accepted their responsibility and settled the case.

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Need a Second Opinion??

Need a Second Opinion??

Mrs S was at work. It was a training day and staff were moving around the premises from room to room taking part in training exercises. Her employer had provided refreshments including bottled water.

As Mrs S was walking to her next venue she slipped and fell on water that had been spilled on the floor. An investigation into the accident suggested it had been spilled by an employee from a bottle of water, and unfortunately that employee had not cleaned up the spill or asked for that to be done. Which is all it would have taken to stop the accident happening.

Mrs S was first represented by another firm. They put the claim to the employer who blamed the cleaners. The cleaners said not their fault because it had not been reported to them. At that point Mrs S’s solicitors told her she had no case and closed her file.

Whilst walking past one of our offices Mrs S decided to call in for a second opinion. We got the file from her old firm and reviewed the case. We put the claim back to the employer on the basis that they are responsible for the actions of their employees, and as it was their employee who spilt the water and did nothing about it, they are liable.

The employer has accepted fault and Mrs S will now be compensated.

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Steering Unassistance

Steering Unassistance

On this particular day Mr W was allocated a different works van, which had been fitted with a steering wheel adaptation. It shouldn’t have been. The company does not allow them, but they knew it had been fitted.

As the steering wheel turned the adaptation struck Mr W’s hand and dislocated his thumb.

After we put the claim his employers have admitted the accident was their fault, and Mr W will now be compensated for what happened. His employers have also agreed to fund rehabilitation treatment to help get Mr W back to work, as he has been unable to carry out his usual duties since the accident happened.

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Hosepipe Hazard

Hosepipe Hazard

Water and zero degrees temperatures don’t really mix that well, and when they do it tends to result in ice.

That is unfortunately what happen on the pavement that Mr W was walking his dog along, and even more unfortunately Mr W stood on the ice, slipped, fell and broke his ankle. It turned out that the owners of the house the accident happened outside, had run a hosepipe down the drive and onto the pavement to drain water off the garden.Â

The water running out of the hosepipe across the pavement is what had frozen and caused the accident to happen.

The householder denied being at fault when we put the claim, and kept denying things throughout. As a result we issued and prosecuted court proceedings. Eventually the Defendant changed their view, and now Mr W will receive the compensation he is entitled to.

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Collapsing Clothes Rail

Collapsing Clothes Rail

Shopping is not normally a hazardous activity – well, apart from maybe to to your bank balance. But, it certainly turned out to be a painful day out for Miss T when she went to do clothes shopping.

Having tried on some outfits, Miss w came out of the changing rooms and went to hang up some of the clothes she had tried on. As she did so the rail collapsed causing her to fall. And the display and rails to fall on her. She was injured as a result.

We put her claim to the store, who have now admitted the accident was their fault. This means Miss W will receive the compensation she is entitled to.

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Bus!!! Stop!!!

Bus!!! Stop!!!

STOP would have been excellent advice for the driver of the car that drove headlong into the front of the bus that Mr S was driving. Unfortunately he didn’t and hit the front of the bus at high speed whilst driving the wrong way along the road.

After we have put Mr s’s claim, the other drivers insurers have admitted liability, and Mr S will now receive the compensation he is entitled to.

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Roundabout Wrongdoings

Roundabout Wrongdoings

Miss S was a passenger in her boyfriends car. They were travelling around a roundabout. As they were doing so a car drove straight through a junction into the roundabout and straight into the side of their car.

The other driver was very aggressive when they got out of their vehicle, insisting the accident was not her fault. She even tried to drive away from the scene and was only stopped from doing so because people were stood in front of her car. Luckily Miss S is a keen amateur photographer and takes a camera everywhere with her. She took numerous photos of the scene, which have helped to prove what really happened.

We put Miss S’s claim to the other drivers insurers and they have now accepted it was their drivers fault and Miss S will receive the compensation she is entitled to.

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Hot Oven = Ouch

Hot Oven = Ouch

Mr P works in a very busy professional kitchen. His employers provide his uniform which includes a long sleeved chef’s tunic. On this particular day however the uniform was changed to a short sleeved one. Part way through his shift Mr P was reminded in the most painful way why the tunics should be long sleeved.

This happened when his bare elbow touched a very hot oven door whilst he was removing something from inside it. This caused a nasty burn.

We put his claim to his employer, pointing out that long sleeves are needed to protect against this very situation. Had Mr P been wearing long sleeves he would not have been injured. They have accepted this, and Mr P will now be compensated for his injury and other losses.

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Cleaning Spray Carry On

Cleaning Spray Carry On

There is nothing wrong with fun in the workplace. It should be encouraged. There is also nothing wrong with a joke between colleagues, but, and at the risk of sounding like the (anti)fun police, as long as it is within reason, and sensible.

Unfortunately, and as Mr N found out, sometimes a joke can go too far, and that can have unpleasant results. A colleague of Mr N thought it would be fun to spray him with a chemical cleaning solution. They did so just as Mr N turned around and the spray went directly into his eyes.

Chemical sprays and eyes don’t tend to go too well together and the end result was damage and injury to Mr N’s eyes.

His employers are responsible for the actions of his colleague. Having put the claim to them, they have accepted that, which means Mr N will be compensated.

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Uneven Ground

Uneven Ground

Mr L worked for a construction company. When getting back to the works yard it was often necessary to unload the vehicle. More often than not, this involved somebody getting up into the bed of the truck. Once unloading was finished that person would then step down.

On this day that person was Mr L. Unfortunately for him, when he stepped down it was onto a broken up and uneven area of the yard surface. He went over on his ankle, fracturing it. The accident was reported, but Mr L was fairly sure his then employers had not actually recorded it in the accident book.

Mr L contacted other lawyers before coming to us and had his case turned down. This was because of the time that had passed, the potential problem with the accident book and the fact that there were no photos of the yard as it was at the time of the accident.

We listened to Mr L and decided we could help. We put his case to his then employers and have been successful in showing that it was their fault. They admit this and Mr L will now be compensated.

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