Motorcycle Accidents

If you have had an accident on a motorcycle then you will probably wondering who is best to pursue your claim upon your behalf.

Choices usually boil down to your insurer who will no doubt be pestering you and telling you that you have to use their choice of solicitor or another representative that will either have been recommended to you or that you have found by searching on the Internet or similar.

Firstly it is important to make clear that your insurer cannot force you to use their solicitor.  Indeed we are of the opinion this is never in your interests and should definitely be avoided.  Despite what they say using Brearleys Solicitors will not affect your no claims bonus and will not jeopardise your claim or slow it down.  In fact quite the opposite is the case.

We are aware that often recommendations are made however because we are “in the industry” we recognise that it can be difficult for clients to choose between different solicitors or claims management companies when they only have experience of 1 and do not have anything to compare it to.

We are very busy in dealing with negligence claims against solicitors and claims management companies who have failed to settle claims properly for the client.  Often the client was unaware that the claim had been settled negligently and felt that the service that they had been provided with was okay.

We are specialists in dealing with personal injury claims and recognise that it is possible in many occasions to settle claims quickly and for a relatively modest amount.  We are however experienced in identifying the claims which are more complex and which will perhaps take more time in bringing to a conclusion with the result of a significantly greater amount being recovered.

We are confident in saying that we are an excellent choice to deal with your personal injury claim of any kind irrespective of whether it is a motorcycle claim or not.

In respect of the motorcycling aspect the personal-injury Dept is run by Nick Battye.  Nick is a keen motorcyclist.  He has been involved motorcycle since childhood as his family have always had motorcycles and were involved in competitive scrambling and racing.  Nick commutes throughout the year on a motorcycle and therefore totally understands the problems that motorcyclists have on the roads with other users.  This is important when considering the aspect of who is to blame in a particular accident.

Nick also does track days throughout the country and abroad and is very happy to meet up with clients at these track days to discuss the case over a coffee or even a beer.

Nick is directly involved in all of the claims that passed through the firm and is often tactically involved in how the cases handled from a motorcycling perspective.  If you want to telephone Nick on his mobile phone then call (07855) 824919.  If it’s not answered then please leave the details message.  Nick will ring you back as soon as possible.  Often Nick is on his motorcycle and unable to take the call!

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